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School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (hereinafter referred to as “SEIEE”) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter referred to as “SJTU”) is looking for talents from home and abroad. We can provide competitive compensation packages, humanized teaching and research platform for talents from the electrical engineering and computer science fields. What are you waiting for? Let’s pursue our dreams together in SEIEE.

About Us

SEIEE, one of the biggest and strongest schools in SJTU, has prestigious teachers, excellent students and top-notch research resources. With 112 years of glorious history, SEIEE now has more than 900 staff and nearly 10,000 students, with 15 affiliated units, covering 8 first-level disciplines. In the latest QS Rankings, our electronic and electrical engineering, computer science and information system ranked 29th and 34th respectively. Focusing on international cutting-edge science and technology, as well as responding to China’s major needs, SEIEE has established 6 national and 17 provincial research bases, providing strong support for discipline development. We are looking forward to your joining us. Let's work together to build a world-class school!

Talent Policy

Based on the “Talent First” development strategy, both SJTU and SEIEE keep reforming the personnel system, and encouraging young talents to be creative in work and appreciative of society.

Compensation Packages

Competitive annual salary, research start-up funds, settling-in allowance, etc.

Team Building

Sufficient rooms for office and experiment, advanced hardware facilities, sophisticated technical support, all-round support for research team building, preferential policy for graduate and doctoral admissions

Promotion Opportunities

Our international tenure-track system will create a benign ecology for you to reach your full potential with academic freedom guaranteed

Medical & Education

Relying on the resources of affiliated hospitals and schools, excellent medical and educational resources for you and your families are just at hand


(Including but not limited to)

How to Apply

Application Materials Checklist:

1. Application Form: it is required to specify the research direction, the applied position, the expected on-duty time, the academic plan for the next 3-5 years, etc.

2. Resume: in Chinese or in English, covering the education background, the research and teaching experience, the papers published, etc.


Please name the email and attachment at the following format: Applied Position + Research Direction + Applicant’s Name


Contact Information:

Ms. Hong or Ms. Gao

Tel: 86-21-34206760

Email: jobseit@sjtu.edu.cn

Address: Human Resources and International Affairs Office, Room 317, Block 3, SEIEE Buildings, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai