How to obtain Intern Visa Application

For International Student Internship, please follow the instructions below to apply.


  1. With X1 visa and residence permit. That means students with internship plan needs to apply for X1 visa and apply for residence permit immediately when they arrive in China.
  2. Internship is part of the student’s teaching plan. For exchange students, the teaching plan could consult program coordinator. For degree students, the teaching plan needs supervisor's confirmation in paper.
  3. Initiate intern visa application at least 30-45 days before internship.


  1. Initiate: Please go to SEIEE Graduate Office Ms. Jun Ma ( for a quick talk whether you are qualified for internship.  At the same time, you need to send an email stating internship intention with the following information: internship duration, company name (English and Chinese), company address (English and Chinese), students ID, Passport number, Resident Permit number, and major.
  2. Company Confirmation: student needs to ask  potential intern company to stamp on “外国留学生教学实习单位指导意见书” and give it to Ms. Jun Ma.
  3. Materials Submission:  SEIEE would sned 1) Internship application statement, 2)passport copy, 3) “International Student out-of-campus internship”(外国留学生校外实习证明),  4) 外国留学生教学实习单位指导意见书to International Student Development Center(Old Administrative Building Room 304 Ms. Wei Xi
  4. International Student Development Center would report internship application to Shanghai Exit and Entry Bureau. After two weeks, Shanghai Exit and Entry Bureau would give feedback to International Student Development Center.
  5. International Student Development Center would notify SEIEE and return intern visa application documents to SEIEE Graduate Office, the later would inform students to pick up all returned materials.
  6. Students go to Shanghai Exit and Entry Bureau (address:上海市浦东区民生路1550号) for intern visa application. Don't forget to bring resident permit, passport and all the returned documents.


  1. Please keep close contact with Ms. Wei(  in International Student Development Center during from step d above.
  2. Any student does internship without internship visa would be considered illegal and be repatriated when detected. That is why an early application would be necessary.

[ 2015-05-26 ]
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