Department of Instrument Science and Engineering


The Department of Instrument Science and Engineering was established in 1958, with precision instrument and machinery, measuring and testing technologies and instruments and navigation, guidance and control as its sub-disciplines. The four sub-disciplines are Institute of Automatic Detection, Institute of Precision Engineering and Microsystem, Institute of Intelligent Mechatronics and Institute of Navigation, Guidance and Control. The department highlights cross-discipline, and focuses on advanced sensors, small and special robot, on-line detection, advanced instruments and system, nondestructive detection, opto-electronic and visual detection, bio-information detection and guidance and positioning, which serve to main areas of national economy, i.e. industry, agriculture, national defense, aviation, medicine, transportation and energy.

Pill-shape Satellite Robot

System for Measurement of Ship Steel Production Line

Water-Resistance Digimatic Caliper

Laser Displacement Transducer

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