State Key (Cultivation) Discipline

Electric Power System and Automation



Electric Power System and Automation was granted State Key (Cultivation) Discipline.  Main research areas of the discipline include Electric Power System Planning and Electric Power Market, Power System Stability and Control, Relay Protection and Automation, Power Quality and Control Technology, Safety Operation of Electrical Equipment, and Renewable Energy Resources and Cutting-in Technology. 




Signal and Information Processing 





Signal and Information processing was granted State Key (Cultivation) Discipline. The discipline focuses on signal and information processing technology of communication engineering, and highlights signal processing for communications, multimedia signal and information processing, statistical signal processing, light-wave and micro-wave signal processing, etc.



Precise Instrument and Machinery 


Precise Instrument and Machinery was granted State Key (Cultivation) Discipline. Main research areas of the discipline cover Precision Measurement and Sensing Technology, Micro-electromechanical System and Sophisticated Medical Equipment, Complex Intelligent Mechatronic System and Control Theory and Method Research, Inertial Technology and Navigation System, etc.






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